Posted by: Simon & Becci | October 5, 2015

Parting is such sweet sorrow

And so we have left. After four and a bit years full of wonderful memories. New friends.  Some tears. Unforgettable experiences. And a lot of rice.

Without any doubt we are changed, enriched and maybe a little ruined (in a good way) by our time in Cambodia. Phnom Penh has not been a place we have lived – it has been home, and as our 6am flight this morning took off, we left more than a little of ourselves and our heart with our dear friends there.


Liberty Family Church yesterday

The past week has been weird, emotional and a lot of fun, as we have said our goodbyes, expressed our thanks and received much love and encouragement.


With Lay, showing off my new shirt (my farewell gift)

Now, the UK for several months beckons, with a short stopover in Turkey en route. Time to rediscover old friendships, autumn colours, warm clothes and polite queuing.

For now, here is a short video we showed at our church farewell yesterday that gives a flavour of what we have done and experienced.



  1. What an uplifting video! Thank you. Now we’re praying that God will sustain lots of local Christians in continuing with all the good work that you started, the examples you set and the love you instilled in so many ways. Also praying for the two of you – for the next step in your life. God has his might hand on you. The next stage will be a good one, impacting people further with God’s love.

  2. Wow! Great video. It’s been great following your blog. You are precious people, Simon and Becci! We know you’ve brought joy to a lot of people and have an amazing influence wherever you go. What a wonderful church you have helped to bless and has also been a blessing to you. Praying for your next adventure with God. xx

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