Posted by: Simon & Becci | November 25, 2014

Art attack

I love God’s promises. I love to pray into them. I love people having fun. I love being creative. And I love it when all of these things come together!

During a recent week of prayer in the church, we used various creative ways to help us to think about and pray into different pictures and promises that God has given us over recent years. We shared some of these photos with people at the leaders conference in Sydney earlier this month, and their enthusiastic reaction encouraged us to share them a bit wider, so here you go…

The Statue of Liberty

One of God’s promises to Liberty Family Church in Phnom Penh is that we’ll be like the Statue of Liberty: visible and bringing hope and freedom to people.


So we asked people to write down on this banner what God’s freedom means to them in Khmer or English (Statue of Liberty pose not required).

The arrow and the bridges

Another guiding picture we’ve had is of an arrow being shot into Phnom Penh and then bridges growing out from the city into the provinces and nations around.


So we asked people to pray and stick an arrow onto somewhere in Cambodia where they’d love to see us send people to possibly plant a church in future….


….and then stick another onto a different nation. (One arrow was put in London, so watch out for a Cambodian church plant there in a few years time!)

The two rivers

Finally, we received a lovely prophetic picture of the church being like two rivers who join together. When they join the waters are so well mixed you don’t know which river the water has come from. The river goes on to become a great river that brings life everywhere.

We have understood the two rivers to represent Cambodians and those from overseas joining together in the church.


So we decided to paint the picture of the two rivers using our hands


One river painted by Cambodians….


…and one by foreigners (no Lucia, not Zombies)


The end result: one great river!

Our prayer is that these would not just be nice pictures or activities, but by God’s grace, would become a reality over the coming years.

If you’d like to read someone else’s take on Liberty Family Church then have a read of this short and encouraging update from Peter and Susan Brooks.



  1. What encouraging and creative pictures. So fantastic to see the visual declaration of Father God’s word for the church. Really blessed me. Thank you.

  2. Brilliant. You guys are amazing. Keep going. Don’t lose any momentum. Shake the dust from your feet and run! I am so excited by what God is doing. Really reminded of Isaiah 35. Hope it is an encouragement to you. Much love. We will be praying.

    Clare, Sam and Jedi

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