Posted by: Simon & Becci | October 8, 2014

Top five uses for a moto

Any resident or visitor to Phnom Penh will know how many uses there are for the humble 50 – 110cc motorbike. Wherever you go in the city, motos buzz around like bees: on the street, on the pavement, driving against the flow of traffic on the wrong side of the road and much, much more.

We have posted about the joys of moto driving before, but to celebrate three years of endlessly entertaining moto driving, Becci and I would like to present the top five uses for a moto in Phnom Penh….

5) For your entire family

Whilst UK law relating to seat belts and booster seats makes it difficult for couples with three small children to own a car much smaller than a minibus, in Cambodia there are no such problems. Family of five? One moto? No problem….


Becci has also seen a baby being held and bottle-fed by her father whilst he was driving, which I’m not sure would go down that well in Coventry.

4) As a bed

Tired from the heat of the day? Just find a shady spot, pull your moto over to the side of the road, lay back and relax!


3) For purchases

Whether it is something that you need delivered, or something that you have purchased and need to bring back yourself, the humble moto is easily big enough for all of your transportation needs.


The classic “pane of glass on a moto” image courtesy of our friend Garry Byles


If you add a small trailer to the back you can carry even more things “securely”….


2) For wandering monks

Monks kitted out in bright orange robes are a familiar sight walking the streets of the city, but at the end of a long day moving from house to house, requesting a free lift from a passing moto driver seems to be all the rage.


1) For live animals

How did the chicken cross the road? Tied upside down on the back of a moto with all of his friends of course! The same things happens to ducks, whose supple long necks mean that they look and quack at you when you drive past them on their way to the market.


We have thus far failed a get a picture of a live pig in a rattan basket upside-down on the back of a moto, which is always a sight to behold. If its a bag of live fish you are looking for though, the guy below will be happy to help…




  1. We might have a pig photo! They had a whole oven to bake cheese in there you know 😉

    Love to all x

  2. Hi Becci & Simon. This is delightful. The contrast between Phnom Penh and Coventry is striking indeed! 🙂

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