Posted by: Simon & Becci | September 28, 2014

Year Four begins…

If you are a regular reader of our blog posts you will have noticed a rather lengthy break in communication since the start of June. Sorry about that. I promise to do better.

The past 3 months have been a rather unusual season during which Becci has stopped working at Hope School, we have moved house, visited England, Scotland and France to see friends and family, hosted visitors to Phnom Penh and more, all of which have distracted me somewhat from blog writing.

With the expanding Brown side and of the family in Lyon

With the expanding Brown side of the family in Lyon…

...and the expanding O'Brien side in Scotland

…and the expanding O’Brien side in Scotland

In the past couple of weeks we were also also due to visit Japan to speak at the Grace City Nagoya church camp until I managed to come down with Dengue Fever the day before we were due to fly, thus forcing our trip to be cancelled. Mosquitos. Grrr. Dengue is a bit like Malaria, so not much fun, and I’m happy to report both that I am now fully recovered and that the church camp went really well in our absence.

We have now started our fourth year in Cambodia (amazing how time flies) and I have been reminiscing using some of our (many) pictures recently. As I did this I discovered a selection of amusing signs that we’ve come across. So, as a light hearted way to reboot the blog I thought I’d share a few of them….


I don’t know what the Khmer says, but in English does this mean that everything is allowed?


Ok, attention to detail required. Sopheak models a lovely T-Shirt highlighting the Kingdom of England’s flag and most famous landmark. Oh hang on….


Beware peeping toms in the toilets? Not the warning most women want


Apparently this only applies in the countryside where no-one else is around. Against the wall by the side of the road anywhere in the busy city is perfectly acceptable judging by male behaviour


My personal favourite. Amazing the difference one little vowel can make. However I think this idea might be worth marketing for those times when you just need to let off steam…




  1. Hi Becci and Simon. Great to know that you’re finally on the mend! Thank you for keeping us all posted in this way. What an interesting blog!

  2. I think you shoulld develop a new range of T-shirts.
    here’s a few ideas to get you up and running:
    – the Beijing bird’s nest on the Mexico flag.
    – the leaning tower of Pizza in front of the German flag
    – Tower bridge, with a chinese junk ship sailing underneath, with the sydney harbour opera house in the background with a background of the Swiss flag.
    What do you think?

    James Wright

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