Posted by: Simon & Becci | March 20, 2014

The Brown Hotel

It has probably not escaped your notice that the regularity of our blog has gradually decreased during our time in Cambodia. Back in 2011 barely a week passed without an entry; now its been nearly two months since there was a new post. Well, Becci is out and I have a rare evening to myself, so here goes!

Over the past couple of months our house has been more like a hotel (or even a train station) than anything else, with a constant stream of different people coming and going. We wouldn’t have it any other way though, as its great fun to continue building relationships with so many different Cambodians, including introducing them to different games and activities.

I think this could be a publicity shot for Jenga in Cambodia...

I think this could be a publicity shot for Jenga in Cambodia…

But its still mostly us learning new things. Our good friend Phally has been staying with us for a couple of months before he travels to the UK for five months with Jubilee Church Coventry and he sadly injured his leg during his first football match for six months. The solution? Make your own medicine! Phally’s aunt sent some roots a bit like ginger from the province and he then proceeded to create a DIY dressing using a pestle and mortar, added rice wine and then stuffed the mixture into a sock. Amazingly it seemed to do the trick!

One bag of roots

One bag of roots

I "helped" for a few minutes...

Crush into a paste with help of a foreign friend

Add to sock and apply!

Add to sock and apply!

Its not only been Phally with us as we have also been hosting Sam and Stacey Henare from Wellington, New Zealand who have come out to serve the church for a few months.


Sam decided to raise money for their time here in a novel way by being sponsored to cut off his beloved dreadlocks. Given that we are entering the hot season now with temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, Sam has already commented on what a sensible decision it was!

Phally, Sam and Stacey teamed up to help organise a brilliant “Thank You meal” that we held in the church a few weeks ago. It was a chance to look back and thank everyone who had served the church in some way during 2013 and also to look forward to this year. Phally somehow managed to convince a group of our English students to spend a whole day shopping, preparing, cooking, serving and clearing the meal for over 40 people – and they absolutely loved it!

In the past couple of weeks, the Brown Hotel has carried on full steam but without its proprietors as Becci and I travelled to Sydney for a a week and a half to meet with the other newfrontiers Pacific Rim team leaders and wives. This meant it was our chance to be the guests and we loved every minute of it.

What a lot of lovely leaders

What a lot of lovely leaders (note – baby is not ours!)

Now we are back, and we think its likely that the Brown Hotel may relocate elsewhere in the city in a few months time as we quite fancy a new rented place. If we do move, maybe we’ll just hire these two guys and their moto to move us – in Cambodia anything is possible!

Wardrobe leaving Esther's house during her recent move

Wardrobe leaving Esther’s house during her recent move


This one proved too difficult!

This one proved too difficult and they eventually used a car instead!



  1. Oh yes, it may have been the quality of the sock that did it! Saw mum yesterday and she was looking at some pictures and she commented on how beautiful Becci is, and how perfect you are together. A rare moment to be shared. In spite of her miry being like a jigsaw, she is still able to pick out pieces that fit. Love to you both.

    Love and hugs Sandy

  2. Thanks ever so much, you two. Most inspiring! 🙂

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