Posted by: Simon & Becci | September 25, 2013

Shared expertise

Its amazing how quickly you move from being a total novice living in Cambodia to a perceived expert. Having been here for 26 months we have now graduated to role of ‘guru’ as we have welcomed our friends Han-Na Cha and Mike Emery from Coventry who have joined us in Phnom Penh recently.

Never ones to shy away from the opportunity to write a list, we have written various ‘how to’ guides including the catchily named “Simon and Becci’s guide to fun things to do in Phnom Penh”. Whether Han-Na and Mike actually ever read these won’t dilute from the pleasure of writing them.

To keep things simple here’s a short top five things to do upon arrival:

1) Make new friends and find fun places to eat


Sunday lunch at the Chinese Noodle House is highly recommended

2) Wear clothes suitable for hot weather


Han-Na makes preparations for the 2 minute journey on the back of my moto to open a bank account. Its the rainy season so wet weather gear is all the rage…

3) Get some second hand furniture


Furniture removal and delivery for Mike’s new apartment Cambodian style

4) Practice driving a moto


Mike’s first lesson – I inadvertently took him on an unsurfaced road at one point with large lorries rushing past. Oops!

5) Learn to speak Khmer


Han-Na has only had 8 hours of lessons so far but is making excellent and amusing progress. Here she is rather strangely asking Narith what time he brushes his hair…

Its great fun to have some old friends join us here and to feel like we can pass on what we know.

If you want to find out more about what Han-Na is up to (or just want some great recipe ideas) then check out her blog at or email her at



  1. …and if he ever gets round to it there may even be updates from mike at

    As always an entertaining read 🙂
    Look forward to a trip to the noodle house on our next visit!

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