Posted by: Simon & Becci | June 16, 2013

Alert for UK customs

This is an all channels alert for UK customs and excise. Two UK citizens have been spotted commencing their return to the UK and may need to be refused entry on the grounds of unusual behaviour.

The two citizens may seek to enter the country in disguise as they were last spotted riding a motorbike in heavy rain dressed as a large custard cake. Their claim that this is a two person raincoat is doubtful.


The male also be identified by a minty fragrance as he has recently been seen rubbing toothpaste onto his lower leg. The rumour is that he did this having suffered a minor burn from his moto exhaust pipe, and that toothpaste helps cool and treat the burn. This is highly dubious behaviour not befitting one of Her Majesty’s subjects.


It is understood this couple will re-enter UK airspace early on Monday 17th June. Please exercise extreme caution when approaching them….



  1. Hope it wasn’t a whitening toothpaste or you’ll lose your tan 😉
    Safe journey and see you soon

  2. Hope the sign behind your head wasn’t referring to your leg – must have been a bad burn if it turned your leg into a fresh crisp.

    Lets face it – these events aren’t unusual behaviour for you guys…

    Really looking forward to seeing you both soon.
    R x

  3. Hi Simon & Becci. How wonderful. Looking forward to seeing you. When will you be in Coventry? We will be away in Germany briefly from Fri 28 June until Mon 1 July.

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