Posted by: Simon & Becci | June 4, 2013

What would you do?

In just 12 short days’ time, Becci and I travel once more to Phnom Penh airport as we embark on a 5 week trip back to visit friends and family in the UK. As you might expect we are rather excited by this, and are counting down this year with an ‘alternative advent calendar’ where we draw a picture every day of something we are looking forward to back in the UK.


Given the number of visitors we have hosted in our house this year (11 separate groups, families or individuals since August) and given our own travel bug, the surroundings of Phnom Penh airport are now very familiar. Fast food addicts in the city are now also frequenting the airport for other reasons as it now hosts the first “Burger King” in Cambodia.

I was recently reminded of one of the more unusual happenings on one of our visits to the airport, and thought I’d use it to test the character and nature of our blog readers by asking you to vote on what you would do.

Ok, here’s the scenario – just over a year ago we were dropping off our friends Paul and Hannah Harrison, and Mike Emery, for their return flight to the UK.


As we waited in line at the check-in desk we were accosted by a rather desperate and forlorn-looking couple. They explained that they had mis-read their tickets and turned up a day late for their short-haul flight to Kuala Lumpur, where they were due to meet their connecting flight back to Europe in 5 hours time. They said that there was still space on another flight to KL leaving in an hour but they could not buy any tickets as their credit and debit cards had been stolen. Their request was simple – please could we lend them several hundred dollars to buy the tickets, and they would refund us online on their arrival home. They had already asked many others at the airport but been turned down.

So, honestly, if this had been you what would you do? We will reveal what we did in a couple of days time….



  1. If they can repay you online when they get home, they can probably transfer money online from an internet cafe. So offer to go with them to a nearby internet cafe (if there is one?), pay for the internet time, let them transfer the money to you there & then over the internet, and then you can buy them the tickets. That assumes that the money can clear fairly instantly when going through online transfers so you aren’t having to use your money, only your card. That was too long for the ‘Other’ box 🙂

  2. […] answer of what we did when faced with the couple asking for money at the airport as discussed in last week’s blog […]

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