Posted by: Simon & Becci | March 21, 2013

Happy feet

During a conversation with my parents when they visited us recently, my Mum made reference to the fact that I had “sensitive feet” when I was a boy. I’m not completely sure what that means, but its hardly the strong, masculine description that you might wish to hear about yourself.

happyfeetchurchWhatever the state of my feet in the past, I am happy to report that they are now tough, hardened and calloused! Much better. Sadly, that is also the description of Becci’s feet at present due to the fact that we spend most of our lives walking with bare feet on hard tile floors. Carpet is a distant memory….

As a general rule, it is considered rude to wear your shoes inside a house here in Cambodia, and so most houses you go past have a little pile of flip flops just inside or outside the door. Our Sunday morning meetings always result in an amusing “zoo” of shoes outside the door, and I am delighted that to date no-one has ever walked off with mine by mistake after the service.

To be fair, my shoes have not been particularly desirable of late as they have been worn day in, day out since we arrived here. A state of “gradual deterioration” of the shoes has recently descended into a state of “shameful inadequacy” and has led to a emotional parting of the ways with my beloved sandals now destined for the scrap heap. A sad day indeed.

happyfeetsole happyfeetsandal











An unfortunate effect of bare feet, tiles and dust is that my feet are in a constantly disgraceful and dirty state. Becci is convinced that I have an unusual ability to attract dirt, and is often reduced to resigned bewilderment by the muddy footprints I leave on wet, tiled bathroom floors. Opening our front door shoeless has also been hazardous on occasion due to lurking “fire ants” who are very aptly named due to their painful bites.


On a more positive note for the female population, bare feet and sandals does provide an excellent canvas for displaying nail art of a wide variety of colours and styles. Its either that or colourful socks and sandals. I’ll let you choose which is more fashionable….




  1. So you’re slowly turning into a hobbit… 😉

    …and I thought I recognised those feet…

    Hope you guys are well – looking forward to catching up over a curry in the Summer,

  2. Pleased to say my feet, or rather my foot, is growing happier by the day. Now have my plaster off after seven weeks, and can walk with just one crutch. Carrying things has suddenly got much easier! Having to work through the pain to persuade the ankle to do its job again, but we’re getting there. God is seriously good.

  3. PS Do you remember how long your ankle took, Simon?

  4. That’s my foot! From 5 years ago!!! It hasn’t aged well…

    Would love to see you in Open Arms getting a pedi 😉

    R x

  5. Becci’s is the red shiny polish one, yes? Emma’s the orange, mine the blue, Midge’s the red duller one and Serena’s the darker coloured polish?

    Please post a piccy of the new sandals you choose.

    • No new sandals for me – I have inherited my Dad’s second hand pair that he left behind at Christmas. They are Clarks though so should last for quite some time…

  6. I was taught that you should not wear secondhand shoes – even the famous Ckark’s. Still hole your feet enjoy their “new” home.

  7. That should say “hope” of course – holes i. feet or shoes .ot being recommended

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