Posted by: Simon & Becci | January 19, 2013

Guest blogger

dad To start the New Year I thought you might be interested to hear the thoughts of a guest blogger – namely my Dad. My parents returned to the UK last week after a two and a half week trip out here during which time Dad wrote a daily update to close family members back in the UK. What’s shown here is his final entry and thoughts on their return to the UK…

Time has passed, sleep has been gained and the fogs of jet lag are lessening.  So I feel it is time to pull this adventure together and put it to an end! Our time away was full to the brim of assaults on our senses – sights, sounds, smells, tastes plus culture, human interactions, ancient ruins, lazy days and travel of all kinds.  We feel privileged to have been able to experience all of these.  But without the guiding company, advice and great humour and patience of Simon and Becci the experience would merely have been great, with their input,  simply put,….IT WAS AMAZING!


Angkor Wat at sunrise


Sunset at Kep


A form of travel we did not use

Lasting impressions will be of a country undergoing rapid development while holding firm with its culture.  There are vast differences between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have not’s  but the people we met were all hardworking, family orientated and smiled easily. 



“Now, which one is my internet cable?”

The roads, the roads were a maze of humanity finding as many different ways of getting from a to b in as many different combinations as possible whilst carrying as much as possible and more at the same time.  Walking was for mad dogs and us, the Englishmen.  Tuk Tuks were everywhere …if we did manage to walk we would be bombarded frequently with Tuk Tuk drivers seeking trade.When we went out with Simon and Becci on the back of their motorcycles, through and with and frequently across the flow – it is just amazing! Many rules are abandoned – for one long stretch of main road Simon went up wrong side of road before finding a gap to drift across the streams of traffic BUT it is what is done, so there was no sense of drama or danger.


Probably Simon’s favourite photo in Cambodia so far

What stands out for us is the joy of seeing Simon and Becci successfully and carefully moulding their existence into this new culture and making great progress with their chosen roles.  The rest is there to behold in our 1500+ photos……if you are suffering from insomnia – we will be pleased to show you them all and give commentary”



  1. A brilliant summary of an amazing country, an amazing culture and 2 amazing people following God.

    Angkor Wat photo is stunning, but not as stunning as the moto hanging off the back of the van.

    Love to all in PP

    R x

  2. “What stands out for us is the joy of seeing Simon and Becci successfully and carefully moulding their existence into this new culture and making great progress with their chosen roles.” – What a lovely observation.
    Hope you guys are well -and you had suitably non-English birthday experience Simon.
    Love from us all xxxx

  3. Great blog! I’m almost tempted to sign up for the 1,500 photo session!! Yx

    Sent from my iPad mini

  4. I just want to say a quick hello and to say how much I have appreciated your dad’s blogs. He has really brought everything to life for me and I have a much better understanding of your life.

    Thank you too, for your blogs which I thoroughly enjoy.

    With love from

    Carol (I used to work with your mum at school Simon).

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