Posted by: Simon & Becci | November 16, 2012

Would you buy this?

A quick observational blog entry today. Cambodia is a nation where the English language is in big demand. An ever-increasing number of shops, products and services have their names in both Khmer and English, and the demand for English classes is highlighted by the wide variety of language classes and schools.

This does however lead to a “creative” use of English on occasion, and as I was driving my motorbike recently I was particularly amused to spot the name of a new washing detergent that is being advertised….

It would seem that political correctness and gender equality has not quite worked its way into local brand names. I’m not quite sure that the strapline: “Wife – suitable for both hand wash and machine wash” would go down all together well in the UK.

However, it did get me thinking – if you had to choose, which product would you give the name “Husband” to? All comments and suggestions welcome….




  1. Ah yes, I think Hammer or nails would be good, or maybe a Road Atlas! Perhaps car wash…….. Our car is looking very grubby at the mo. It’s tattie pulling time as well as ploughing, so the roads are very muddy. Apart from this week it has been uniformly cold and damp, although we have been spared snow as yet. I hope it stays away ’til we drive down to Nannie’s, otherwise things might get a bit tricky! Autumn arrived in a hurry over a week or so, suddenly the trees are bare, and folk have started their fires going-ah the smell of a wood or coal fire on the frosty air. The annual festivities have already begun and most shops have sales or special offers. Morrisons were playing Christmas songs on their store radio on Tuesday. You can’t avoid it. You are in my thoughts and prayers Love and hugs Sandra x Sent from my iPod

  2. Perhaps to disguise the somewhat politically incorrect name “Wife” for their washing powder, the manufacturers could use the Cockney Rhyming Slang version of the word and call their product “Trouble”?

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