Posted by: Simon & Becci | October 8, 2012

Changing rooms

Its been a few weeks now since the last update on our building project, and a lot has changed in that time. Since a picture paints a thousand words I’ll let the photos tell the story…..

The kitchen

You may recall that the idea was to extend our current kitchen…

This is what the kitchen looked like at the end of August

Three weeks later….

Work in progress


Sdam makes sure all of the debris is cleared

A new worktop appears

Some new tiles on the walls….

…and on the floor…

Add a lick of paint and give everything a clean…

Et viola! One new kitchen

Main room

In the main room, we initially had an internal office that we wanted to knock down….

The office at the end of August


Three weeks later

The church meeting yesterday in the extended room (looking from inside the old office)

Lunch together afterwards for 50 people, complete with new tables and tablecloths

Many thanks to various people from around the world who have given financial gifts to help us fund the building work.



  1. It’s fantastic to see the renovations completed and being used 🙂

  2. Wow. This is wonderful. Congratulations. A place where people will feel even more welcome and where the warmth of a Christian fellowship can be communicated in a relaxed environment. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  3. The building looks fantastic guys, we are delighted for you. May the Lord bless you greatly as you use it for His glory. With love to all.

  4. It looks amazing!

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