Posted by: Simon & Becci | October 2, 2012

Flying the flag

An educational blog this week…

Many of you will know that Becci is an excellent secondary school English teacher having worked for several years at Blue Coat CE School in Coventry. After a year away from teaching in our first 12 months here in Phnom Penh, she has now returned part-time to the classroom at Hope School, one of the international Christian schools here. Hope began 10 years ago, initially catering for a handful of children whose parents were involved in churches and Christian projects here. The school now boasts well over 300 students from over 30 different nations. Becci is teaching the International Baccalaureate (IB) English course for 16-18 year olds (an international equivalent to A-Levels) and is enjoying being back doing what she does so well.

What you might not know is that I am a primary school teacher in hiding. I may not have the qualification, but the desire to teach 7 years olds seems to run in my family DNA. Both of my parents were excellent Primary School Head-teachers in the UK, whilst my sister Hannah did a secondary school PGCE, but within a year found herself teaching in a primary classroom. I have spent many years running from this, but knew there was no escape….

The inevitable finally happened last week when I was asked by our friend Rachel Saunders to run a series of assemblies for the annual Hope School “FLAG” week. “FLAG” stands for Forever Learning About God – not Forever Looking At Grannies as I may have suggested to the kids…..

This meant 30 minutes a day with 160 children aged between 4 and 11, and I loved it! Being called “Simon” obviously has certain advantages with games that I could play along the way….

The theme of this year’s FLAG week was “Walking in the truth” so I spent four very enjoyable mornings helping the children explore that this involves Following (Jesus), Food (God’s Word and Spirit), Friends and Family (being part of a church) and leaving Footprints (Walking in Love). Hopefully they’ll put these in practice!

Rachel leads the time of worship

Acting out the Good Samaritan




  1. Hi Simon and Becci. This is delightful news. It’s great to know that you’re leading such fulfilled lives! Many many blessings.

  2. Hi Guys, Brilliant; you’re both stars, shining stars. Wonderful content for FLAG week. My mum was Head of St Nicks infants, Ken and I loved my teaching practice with 7 year olds. I’m trying to remember 36 yrs ago but I’m sure I had the class on my own for 5 weeks as the teacher was ill with very bad migraines – I must have worried her!! God bless.

  3. Hi there

    Many thanks for the news

    VERY exciting! Made us chuckle and we think you were born for such a role!

    Love to you both

    Martyn & Judy

    Martyn Sharpe

    Midlands Agent

    The Almond Tree Partnership

    M: 07977 499661

    F: 0247 6644 940



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