Posted by: Simon & Becci | September 8, 2012

Building update

We are now a couple of weeks into our church building project (about halfway through) so thought you might like to see an update on progress so far.

At the back of the building

Foundations for the new kitchen wall are put in place

The wall begins

Savath inspects the progress


The old kitchen roof is removed (the old wall will be knocked down next week)

Excellent health and safety part 1…

…and part 2

Inside the building

Two men and two sledgehammers vs. one office wall…

…the office did not stand a chance

There was nearly a moment of disaster when the office was being knocked down as the two workmen had not been informed by their boss (the main builder) that the supporting pillar in the photo above needed to be retained. Had they knocked it down the building may have collapsed on top of them (not really what we had in mind).

A lunchtime rest for the workmen

The clear up begins

And this is where the office wall ended up…



  1. Great to see the progress – now fill the place with the gospel and Khmer disciples. Hope the money from Godfirst helped.

  2. If only builders were as efficient in the UK…

  3. Love the flipflop safety shoes.

    Looks fantastic – can’t wait to see the finished product.

  4. Hi Simon & Becci. This is really exciting. Some amazing work going on. And we do need to pray for protection.
    A little typing error you overlooked: Do you mean “not” instead of “now” in:
    “Had they knocked it down the building may have collapsed on top of them (now really what we had in mind)” ?
    Love & blessings,

  5. Looks exciting, I’m sure it will serve you really well. Hope to see the finished product in person at some point! Love to you all.

    PS. Simon, welcome to the Premier League! haha

  6. Awesome progress! When do we get to see more? Blessings to you
    Gerry & Grethel

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