Posted by: Simon & Becci | August 28, 2012

Building project

The work begins

After several months of thinking and planning, this week we are starting a small building project at the Jubilee Family Church building. The idea is to create a bit more space to help us grow over the next year or so.

We had initially been thinking that we would need to move premises and had been praying into this, before God gave us an unexpected answer earlier this year – our current building gained more land. The story was as follows…

Immediately behind our rented building was part of our next door neighbour’s house. It appears that our neighbours owed our landlady some money somehow but did not have the cash to pay her. The answer: they agreed to give her some of their land. Well, actually part of their house. This was achieved by some builders coming in and simply flattening a 8x8m part of the house and building a wall around it. One new back door in our kitchen later, et viola, we had more land!

Would you try this with your neighbours?

We had initially considered building a new meeting room on this space but having done our sums have decided on something a little more straightforward. You can get a glimpse of how the building currently looks and hear what our plans are by watching a video here

This video was made ahead of a building offering that we held in the church on Sunday, and there’s a Khmer version too. Our offering on Sunday, combined with some gifts we had already been given means its full steam ahead.

We think the work will take 3-4 weeks to complete – we’ll keep you updated…

The current kitchen






  1. Great news 🙂
    Hope it all goes smoothly and you then fill the extra space in record time 🙂

  2. Hi Browns!!

    We really enjoy reading your blogs and hearing your news. Congratulations on your building project. Sounds like a great extension for the church and fuels expectation and faith.

    We hope its going well and Phnom Penh is starting to feel like home. We still have you and the place in our hearts. It would be good to skype with you guys at some point soon to catch up.

    God bless,

    Ian and Caroline Walker

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