Posted by: Simon & Becci | August 21, 2012

Dinner is served

Last week our friends Garry and Rochelle came to visit us with their children, Andrew and Sophie, as part of their summer tour around Asia. One of the highlights of our time with them was our trip to a restaurant that specialises in traditional and more unusual Cambodian cuisine.

I think I’ll allow the pictures to tell the rest of the story….

Garry, Rochelle, Sophie and Becci walk up an appetite….

….and so order the speciality starter: Tarantula (photo courtesy of Garry Byles photography –

Appealing isn’t it? If you look carefully you can even see the hairs on its legs and fangs in its mouth…

Andrew dived straight in…

But needed some help finishing it off

The verdict? The legs tasted a bit like chicken skin, but I wouldn’t give a resounding recommendation for the body – a sort of sickly version of black pudding.

A quick poll for blog followers – if you came to visit us would you try the spider (like Rochelle and Andrew) or not (like Garry)?

p.s. I’d like to make a personal apology to my Nan for this blogpost, and promise her that I will not return to the UK with a selection box of spiders for her to sample…



  1. I confess, I’m behind in reading your last four blogs – so I’m glad to see you aren’t missing us and are enjoying typical Brown activities. I’m sure I saw Garry and Rochelle in Jubilee Cov on Sunday; that must have been a flying visit to the Far East? God bless, Andy

  2. Option 3 – foolishly say with witnesses outside PP “Of course I’d eat a spider”, then when faced with it, spend many minutes psyching yourself up to bite as you REALLY don’t want to.

    But as the legs weren’t bad at all, I’m looking at the spiders in our conservatory in a whole new light now…wondering if they would taste good as a crunchy salad topping?

    Thanks again for an amazing week Browns. We had a ball and it was so good to see the way that God is using you to build His church.

    Much love

    Family Byles x

  3. Tom was very intrigued by this post. He went through, curiosity, disbelief, incredulity and delight within about 30 seconds. He has now gone to bed with his rubber spider.

  4. That’s nothing… if you want a proper meal, feast on this Goliath…

    click here

  5. That is quite simply the best thing I’ve seen online for quite a while. Respect to you guys for trying it!

  6. Did you then swallow that leg? Seriously! seriously! it’s too lifelike and it looks like a charred corpse of a spider – my insides are turning. Did it taste like oil or actually like spider..?

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