Posted by: Simon & Becci | August 7, 2012

Gold rush

Its strange to be thousands of miles away when the eyes of the world are trained on your home nation. The Olympic fever that seems to have swept the UK hasn’t quite extended to the normal residents of Phnom Penh, despite Cambodia sending six athletes to compete. Sadly no medals are likely to be making their way back to Phnom Penh.

However, gold medals were awarded in Phnom Penh last Sunday, as the inaugural Jubilee Family Church Olympic Games took place. Teams of athletes competed in four gruelling events (a Quadathlon?) for which points were awarded.

We kicked off with the experimental event of “Flag making” with teams having 3 minutes to design their team’s colours for use later in the medal ceremony. We then quickly moved onto the “Banana speed eating relay” where blindfolded team members had to peel and feed tasty fruit to one another. Incredibly the winning team beat the previous World Record by a stunning 1.26 seconds.

How would Usain Bolt fare at this?

Endurance was the next test with the “Fitness Triathlon” with competitors having to clock up as many push ups, sit ups and star jumps as possible. New Olympic champion Alistair Brownlee would have been proud.

The eagerly anticipated final event was the snappily titled “How much water can you carry from one bucket to another with a sponge” relay, which did indeed involve buckets, water and sponges.

When all was said and done, the winning team, captained by Socheat, proudly mounted the podium to the acclaim of the rest of the church, before being awarded their hard earned (and edible) gold medals.

A proud moment

These are not the only events we have witnessed – thanks to the wonders of the IOC Olympic Channel on youtube we have managed to keep up to date with the best of the action, including watching Andy Murray’s stunning gold medal performance live, which was met with considerable glee in the Brown household. Without this we would be relying on the coverage on one of the Chinese channels which has been predominantly focused on their weightlifters, gymnasts and badminton stars. I have heard rumours that Cambodian TV is considering buying the TV rights to the next Jubilee Family Church Games in 2016. It will be worth it….



  1. Wow I can so picture this!! Very Simon Brown!! Why wasn’t dustbin lid cricket one of the games?!?

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