Posted by: Simon & Becci | July 10, 2012

An unlikely place to find a Grand Piano

After nearly six weeks away in the UK we are now safely returned to Phnom Penh and gradually readjusting to the difference in time, temperature and humidity.

As we boarded the plane in London on Friday evening the last text message I received was from my Mum and simply said “Murray won 6-3 6-4 3-6 7-5”. Not bad news to leave to, although it was tinged with a bit of regret knowing that we would not be able to join in the Murray-mania in the UK as people tuned into the Wimbledon Final two days later.

Our 22 hour journey back started from Heathrow and included a 4 hour stop off at Seoul Incheon airport in Korea. If you have travelled in Asia at all you will know that the airports here are something to behold – a far cry from scraping for a seat in the departure lounge at Terminal 3. Here’s a few of the Seoul highlights:

We started by getting refreshed using the free showers and towels provided in the dedicated transfer area:

From there we proceeded to the free electronic massage chairs.

The massage chair takes Becci by surprise

After we “enjoyed” the massage we were able to sample a spot of Korean culture in a small museum….

….before taking a seat in a very comfy chair….

….and listening to some live classical music being performed on a grand piano and violin.

After a bite to eat we sadly did not have time to sample the “Korea Traditional Cultural Experience Centre” complete with try-it-yourself artwork, and more music and drama performances.

We finally made our way to the gate where we had a wide variety of seats to choose from. Just in case this was not enough space for an average family, an indoor children’s playground complete with slides, climbing frames etc was just around the corner.

I’ve never heard of anyone who felt called to Seoul airport, but I may well be the first….



  1. It’s a great airport…we managed to get a couple of free shots of Laphroaig in the duty free as we were waiting for our flights back to blighty

  2. sounds like you’re in the business class lounge. ARe you sure that you’re not missing out a wee detail 😛

    Glad to hear that you’re back safely and that you’re readjusting slowly. If it’s any consolation – lots of rain where we are too!


  3. What a great journey back you had! Your experience at Seoul Airport sounds most amazing, and I did enjoy the photographs that accompanied your account. Well done. 🙂 We hope and pray everything goes well in chapter 2 of Simon & Becci in Cambodia. You are where God wants you to be, so you’ll be in the best possible hands. Many blessings. Hugh 🙂

  4. What a lovely gift from Father to refresh you! Donnington services on the M1 just can’t match that…. Are you warming up now? Hugs x

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