Posted by: Simon & Becci | May 2, 2012

The life of an overseas football fan

The Saints are going up!

In the week of the promotion of my beloved Southampton Football Club back to the Premier League, I thought it might be apt to write a blog about what it is like to be a football fan overseas.

I vividly remember spending several summers as a teenager in France, where I would constantly be on the hunt for a copy of an English newspaper so that I could discover the early season football results. (Although as a Saints fan, even when my efforts were successful, news of a home defeat to Bolton usually awaited me!)

How life has changed! Now, living thousands of miles away, I can follow English football as closely as if I were sitting in my kitchen in Coventry at 5pm waiting for the dulcet tones of James Alexander Gordon to announce my team’s fate.

In many ways it is easier to follow. For just $5 a month for cable TV, I can watch Premier League matches whenever they are played, including at 3pm on Saturday afternoon if I wanted to (although the time difference means these games finish rather late). The wall-to-wall coverage on the internet also means it is remarkably simple to keep in touch. My Sunday morning ritual at 6am is now to wake up and check Saturday’s scores on our laptop. Rather easier that trekking around the streets of La Rochelle looking for a week old copy of the Daily Express!

Another wonder of modern technology - commiserating with West Ham fan Simon Clay on Skype minutes after Southampton beat his team to second place

The global popularity of English Football is very much in evidence here in other ways. Replica shirts abound around the city, whilst there is also a new trend of getting your motorbike decorated with your team’s colours, name and badge – particularly popular with Liverpool fans evidence would suggest.

Maybe a moto sporting Southampton’s colours will soon appear now they are back in the big time….



  1. Congratulations to Southampton! Hopefully Villa will still be in the Premiership for you to draw 0-0 with next year 🙂

  2. Simon,

    Can’t wait to see the photo of ur moto with Southampton colours on it :). Sadly this season has not been so kind to Utd (who have thrown it away in the past few weeks).

    Looking 4ward to seeing u soon.

    With love


  3. Someone somewhere said about shares that they can rise and fall the happier view is like certain football clubs fortunes can rise and keep on rising! As the old song says the only way is up! (was that a spice girl song?)
    Would it surprise you to know God loves football too! (according to an anonymous source!)
    Love to you both
    Martyn & Judy

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