Posted by: Simon & Becci | April 24, 2012

Some like it hot

Becci looking suitably tanned

Its hot here. Really hot.

Its never exactly cold in Cambodia, but April is the hottest month of the year with heat and humidity both rising to sweltering levels. This week temperatures in the city have been reaching close to 40 degrees and we can expect more of the same for several weeks to come. Ouch.

Here’s a few results of the heat:

– Walking downstairs first thing in the morning and making a cup of tea results in the first of many sweaty T-Shirt moments in the day. Not really a surprise since the temperatures by 7am are higher than you would find at midday on the hottest of summer’s days in the UK.

– Our cold water showers are now dispensing hot water via the repaired water tank in the roof. Sadly a hot shower is not what we want at present!

Like the colour? Imagine the smell at midday....

– The “smelly river” (basically an open sewer running through the city centre) is being super heated to become super smelly. Holding your breath for 30 seconds when driving over it is recommended….

– The strange phenomenon of “shade chasing” occurs at traffic lights.This is when motorbike drivers all stop under the shade of any available tree when the lights are red, irrespective of how far the shade is from the stop line. Becci and I have both failed to spot this before and merrily continued to the deserted front of the queue only to realise within seconds why others are hanging back.

– When we went on a short break to the beach last week, we swam in hot sea water – it was like being in a warm bath. Swimming in the Atlantic in the future just doesn’t seem as appealing anymore….

A slightly more attractive waterfront - Rabbit Island off the coast of Kep, which we visited last week



  1. Our daughter Natalie is in Cambodia at the minute and suffering too-if it makes you feel better, we holidayed in wales last week and had rain,then snow(3cm) and then ,finally, weak sunshine!!

    God Bless

    karen parr

  2. I came back to snow in scotland 😦 – not a highlight of the british weather! On the other hand, 40C and humid doesn’t sound appealing either! Hope that you’re not melting in the heat. Maybe some more sugar cane drinks will help to keep you going.

  3. We’re hot here too! Swimming pools and fruit shakes are where it’s at. 🙂

  4. Having just returned from Guinea this morning we know exactly what you are going through. Had an amazing trip, saw so much evidence of the kingdom of God advancing amidst a people living in one of the poorest countries of the world. Looking forward to chatting some time. Much love. George and Gill

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