Posted by: Simon & Becci | April 15, 2012

Happy Khmer New Year

Having already celebrated international New Year and Chinese New Year in recent months, the time has come across Cambodia to celebrate their biggest national holiday – Khmer New Year. The 3-4 day annual festival could be likened to Christmas-time in the UK, with big family get togethers, lots of decorations and almost everybody having time off work. Even Google got in on the act on Friday with a Khmer New Year-themed logo.

One of the seven New Year angels

The history of Khmer New Year centres around a strange mythical story involving a battle of wits, a decapitation and the subsequent annual visit from heaven of one of seven angels to bring blessing for the year ahead. Each angel apparently has a favourite food – this year its bananas – which means that across Phnom Penh homes and “spirit house” shrines are covered with bananas, all having been purchased at inflated prices at the market. A fortune teller also broadcasts the precise time that the angel will come, which this year was apparently at 7.11pm on Friday.

As people across Cambodia are looking towards someone coming from heaven to bring them blessing, health and peace in the New Year, we thought we would use the opportunity of the team coming from Coventry to invite people to find out about another person who came down from heaven 2000 years ago, and is actively continuing his work today.

The team looking beautiful

If you read any of the Coventry team’s increasingly surreal blog last week you’ll know that we had a great time together, with much laughter, fun and hard work. We’re sure their visit will have a lasting impact and be remembered for some time!

It was lovely to see a number of familiar faces again, and reminded us what a wonderful church Jubilee Church Coventry is.

Here’s a few more photos of their time here….

Five budding chefs at a morning's cooking class

Paul tries out Becci's moto (20 seconds later he drove it into a wall - no harm done to Paul or the bike)

The church and team on a boat trip together

Paul leads some Khmer dancing on the boat trip




  1. Cooking doesn’t get tougher than this!
    Nice to have a sensible blog back after the teams effort (!…yeah right!)
    Happy new year to you and everyone at Jubilee PP 🙂
    much love
    G & co.

  2. lol to Garry’s comment! I remembered that 2 years ago, I crashed into a tree when I tried Steve or Midge’s moto…

  3. Most interesting links about the Khmer New Year. Didn’t realise the significance of the Jubilee team going out just then.

  4. […] Those of you who have followed our blog over the past few years may recall a couple of posts from April 2012 and April 2013 about the annual Cambodian New Year celebration, and its that time of year […]

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