Posted by: Simon & Becci | March 14, 2012

When the waters break

This week has been marked by two very different experiences of waters breaking.

Firstly, we received a text during our Sunday morning church service confirming that Becci’s sister Emily had given birth to a baby boy back in the UK. We are delighted for Emily and her husband Tim, and are excited about meeting our new nephew when we visit the UK in the summer.

Our second experience was somewhat less expected. At 1.30am on Tuesday morning we were woken by a large crashing noise in the house. As we tentatively opened our bedroom door, we were met by a waterfall of water coming from the top floor of the house above us, and pouring down the staircase to the floors below. Upon ascending the stairs we were met with the following sight:

A new way to get a skylight

The water storage tank in the roof was seriously overflowing and the volume of water had caused a large part of the ceiling to collapse, with the water still pouring down fast.

The staircase/waterfall the day afterwards

To stop the water we knew we had to find the water stopcock, but had no idea where it was in the house. We phoned and woken up our landlady who lives two doors away and she informed us it was outside the front of the house. However, when we looked, there was no stopcock to be seen, only a water meter. Our landlady came to join us, and was similarly confused, whilst all the time more and more water was pouring down through the house.

Her husband then joined us and seemed to have an idea which we did not initially understand. He picked up a large stone and started smashing the small brick wall around where the water meter is, waking up a few local residents. After a few minutes he managed to dislodge the bricks, to uncover buried beneath them….the stopcock!

Would you look here?

After turning it off the internal rainfall died down and we then embarked on a clean up operation lasting a couple of hours, returning to bed just before 4am. Fortunately, nothing of value was particularly damaged.

The end of the clear up operation and the remnants of the ceiling

The following day a plumber came to investigate and replaced the valve inside the water tank which had rusted through and broken, causing water to continually pour into the tank. No plastic joints here it would seem!

The offending valve - a bit little bit rusty....

This coming Sunday I am travelling to Sydney, Australia again for a few days for a meeting with the other newfrontiers church leaders from across the Pacific Rim. With this coming up, we are really thankful to God that the above all happened this week and not next!



  1. Just a thought, but while you’re in Sydney visiting western civilisation, why not pick up a plastic valve…just in case…
    Have a great time in Oz,

  2. Wow, who would think this could happen in a newly build house? So sorry you had to go through trauma like that. I think I am going to check on my water tank tomorrow…

  3. What a watery escape – good job the Fedex box was handy!

  4. […] Our cold water showers are now dispensing hot water via the repaired water tank in the roof. Sadly a hot shower is not what we want at present! Like the colour? Imagine the smell […]

  5. […] course there are things that we’ll be happy to forget such as our water tank bursting, Becci being trapped in the shower with a rat, and the night when a cockroach fell from the ceiling […]

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