Posted by: Simon & Becci | February 26, 2012


On returning home after a busy day at church today, we were met by the surprising (but welcome) sight of our road being dug up in preparation for a concrete road being laid.

Our view on arrival home

The first challenge was driving the motorbike over the dug up road and then getting it into the house, which involved moving a large rock to help us bump it up the very high kerb.

The kerb outside our house (spot the strategically positioned rock)

The uneven surface and heavy machinery does not stop intrepid cyclists and motorbike drivers

Our landlady explained to us that for the road to be laid all of the local homeowners needed to agree to contribute towards it ($8 per metre of road outside their house) which they did several months ago, not knowing when the work would begin. Today she had a knock on her door saying it was starting and could they have the money!

Apparently the work will take 3-4 days (Becci is confident, I’m not so sure), so we’ll keep you posted….

Roadworks are also a spectator sport

Becci offers her services for driving around the tight corner




  1. Wow, this is super exciting! Looking forward to seeing photos on completion. Your road will have such a different feel to it! :o)

  2. Are you going to put Hollywood style handprints into the freshly laid tarmac? Si and Becci were ‘ere written above them?

    And as people pay $8 per metre do people dig it up and take it with them when they move house? They do own it after all 😉

    Love to you both
    Rochelle x

  3. I hope this means they will do our road next…they did say it was supposed to be done in Dec…but still nothing. :0

  4. Road works are definitely a spectator sport- I’ve spent many hours watching them! Could tell you all sorts about how to lay a road tho something tells me there are more layers here than your $8 will get!

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