Posted by: Simon & Becci | February 2, 2012

180 days – transport

Rather later than planned, here is update number three: transport.

Regular blogs readers may remember the “travelling around Phnom Penh” blog entry many months ago. I promised a revised “top 5 means of transport” once we’d been here a while, so here we go….

Mirrors, signal, manoeuvre?

5) By elephant – a new entry (replacing walking), the elephant “taxi” is a stylish, if somewhat slow way to travel. Availability is also limited since there is only one elephant in the city for hire, and she only takes people in a circle around a large roundabout…..

4) By car – the city is increasingly full of Lexus 4x4s and other similarly expensive vehicles well out of the reach of the average Cambodian. Cars here are a decent investment though as they retain their value far better than in the UK. A 15 year old saloon car can still set you back between $5000 – $6000. The theory is that if it is old and still working, it must be good, so therefore valuable!

3) By bicycle – down from top spot last time, bikes are the cheapest but sweatiest means of transport. The dust and pollution on the roads also means it is not necessarily as healthy as it sounds. Those who can afford a motorbike tend to upgrade if they can.

Gary, Anna and bump raise a salute to Tuk Tuk travel....

2) By Tuk Tuk – if Becci were writing this, Tuk Tuk would probably come out as number one, due to the ease of travel, opportunity to watch the world go by and feel the breeze in your hair. We have a few friends who are Tuk Tuk drivers so travelling this way also helps them to earn a living. Some Tuk Tuks are more powerful than others though, and on several occasions we have had to jump out of one whilst driving up a slope, including one time when we had to help push the Tuk Tuk up!

1) By motorbike – in a stunning reversal of fortunes, the motorbike has leapt from fifth to first as the preferred way to travel. Yes, they can be crazy to ride, with other motorbikes coming in every conceivable direction; but they are just so much fun! Both of us have fallen off our bikes once, but continue undeterred. We have also become experts at taking others on our bikes (two passengers each is the current record) and any visitors we have will have the opportunity to come with us for ride. Even Becci’s sister Anna (currently visiting us with her husband Gary) who is six months pregnant gave it a try!

Savath, Sim, Natei and Nara show us how its done



  1. the ever adventurous Anna!

    Looking forward to trying at least 4/5 of those transport methods in 55 days time!

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