Posted by: Simon & Becci | January 22, 2012

180 days – Health and wellbeing

So, here is update number one: health and wellbeing.


After a rather unfortunate start (being sick within a day of arriving) we have both generally been very well since we got here. We’ve had occasional tummy upsets, a couple of infections and a bit of flu, but on the whole we’ve been far healthier than we probably expected to be. The wonderful variety of fresh fruits available here (pineapple, mango, rambutan, pomelo, coconut and many more) means we eat far more healthily than we did in the UK.

This is one of the contributing factors (the heat being the other) for my ongoing weight loss. I am currently 2 stone 4 pounds (14.5 kilos) lighter than 12 months ago! Maybe my book – “The Cambodia Weight Loss plan” – will be on the shelves of reputable bookstores in time for next Christmas. The only unfortunate aspect to this is that all of my trousers are now rather too large as the picture illustrates. Thank God for belts….

I don't think any caption is necessary....

We are also about to act on one of the health tips we have been given: we are about to take our first deworming tablets. In the UK I’ve only known our canine friends to take these, so hopefully anti-tick and flea powder won’t also be necessary.


On a more emotional level, we are also both doing well. In recent weeks we have been going through the “end of the honeymoon” period of being here, feeling more keenly some of the frustrations and challenges of life in a different culture. Reassuringly, this is apparently perfectly normal and passes quickly, and on the whole we are enjoying the adventure of life in Phnom Penh.

We are also very pleased that after 6 months of banging, drilling and tile cutting, the house next door to ours is finally finished and yesterday a family moved in. If the road outside also gets laid properly soon (there are rumours) then our neighbourhood will feel very different.

One thing I think we do miss out here is open spaces and parks to walk in. Phnom Penh is a concrete jungle and where there is some limited green space it is always next to a road and often populated with thousands of people. I do sometimes long to be taken for a daily walk around War Memorial Park in Coventry again. Hmmm – maybe the anti-tick powder would be helpful after all…

View of the city riverfront - good for dog walking



  1. You are quite clearly half the man you were!
    We’ll be thinking of you two on Saturday as we go out for the group curry…won’t be the same without you!

  2. Umm Like the idea of the Cambodian Weight loss plan–could do with that myself!! Will need to have Roast Beef at the ready when you come home in the summer!!
    Ma x

  3. Wow – looks like you need some new trousers!

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