Posted by: Simon & Becci | January 20, 2012

180 days around the world

Its now exactly 6 months since flight TG 911 took off from Heathrow, bringing us to our new home in Cambodia. Its hard to believe it is that long since we arrived – as usual time has seemed to accelerate the longer we have been here!

We thought we’d mark the occasion with a short series of blogs over the next week giving updates on a few different things – a kind of mid-year report so to speak. We’ll leave the grading and assessment up to you.

By way of introduction, here’s a sample list of 10 things that are different for us than six months and a day ago, and 10 things that are the same. Some are more serious than others….


Different, different….

  1. We live in a different country
  2. We can speak a different language (a bit)
  3. We don’t ever wear jumpers and need an electric fan to help us sleep
  4. We are part of a different church, and don’t understand a lot of what happens in our service*
  5. We have to travel 30 minutes to collect our post
  6. We can write on the walls of our house (lots of tiles)
  7. Someone else cooks our dinner twice a week (our friend and helper Mei Xiang)
  8. No house we have been into has any carpet
  9. Becci does a lot more baking (Cambodians like cakes but don’t have ovens)
  10. There are no wheelie bins, so we put our rubbish outside our front door (which is sometimes then opened up and spread around by local dogs – nice!)

*To be fair, there were times we didn’t know what was happening in Jubilee Church Coventry either 🙂

What a beautiful wife!

Same, same….

  1. God is good and is with us
  2. Becci is a wonderful wife 🙂
  3. We eat Marmite every day (apparently it keeps the mosquitoes away)
  4. We own second hand sofas
  5. We don’t like getting up in the morning
  6. We hardly ever look on Facebook
  7. I love teaching the Bible
  8. Southampton Football Club are on course for promotion to the Premier League
  9. We are really grateful to have so many good friends in the UK
  10. In the kitchen, I can never remember which one is the tea towel and which is the hand towel…

Will more confusion be caused by these new tea (or hand?) towels, sent by my Mum at Christmas?



  1. Loving the blog. Love and God Bless to you

  2. Re. point 4 on the ‘different’ list…. nothing has changed – sometimes we’re all wondering what is going on! 😉
    Hope you guys are happy and healthy – look forward to seeing the writing on the wall in 203 days time 🙂

  3. 69 days for me (well til we take off anyway) 70 i think before we see you – I can’t wait!!!
    I want to start packing already.

  4. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a teatowel or a hand towel – they both make excellent shoulder accessories.

  5. I am kind a envious about the cool tea towels especially the one Simon is holding 🙂

  6. I’m with you on the tea towel hand towel thing Simon. Why do you need to distinguish anyway your hands are cleaned after you’ve washed them 🙂

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