Posted by: Simon & Becci | January 8, 2012

What’s under the table?

Happy New Year!

Our festive season has been marked by a number of different trips around the country, accompanied by Becci’s parents who have been with us for the past two weeks.

Just after Christmas we travelled down to Kep on the coast for a few days, enjoying excellent food at the seafront crab market and gasping at the stunning sunsets as we did so. This week we travelled north to Siem Reap and the nearby temples of Angkor Wat, rising at 4.45am on Becci’s birthday to enjoy the sunrise (well worth it as you can see below).

Angkor Wat at sunrise...

...and sunset at Kep (at the beach)

We also had the pleasure of travelling a couple of hours out of Phnom Penh one day to attend the wedding reception of the daughter of Laay, one of our friends in the church. It was our first taste of a Cambodian wedding and was quite an experience. The reception was being held outside Laay’s house, in a small village of wooden houses on stilts which it took us some time to find travelling down a series of increasingly bumpy provincial roads. The village had experienced a remarkable transformation as a large multicoloured marquee and stage had been erected, complete with tables and seating for around 250 guests.

Wedding scene in the village

With Laay and his wife

Having attended many weddings in the UK, we have got used to the art of making small talk whilst waiting for food to be served, but not so here! Immediately upon arrival we were ushered to our table and served with a variety of plates of food. As we started eating we were joined by some unexpected guests – firstly, there was some movement under the table, and from underneath the tablecloth emerged two local dogs who were keen to share our chicken and rice. A few minutes later there was more snuffling under the table and we were all surprised to see a piglet emerge – definitely a first for me at a wedding.

One of the wedding guests

Chatting was made somewhat difficult by the constant live music being blasted out of the enormous PA speakers that had been hired for the occasion. The music was performed by a series of singers accompanied by several dancing girls in the shortest pink skirts ever seen at any wedding in any country. Cambodia is a country where women still tend to dress fairly conservatively except at weddings when apparently anything goes!

Outrageous PA and skirts on display

None of this detracted from our enjoyment of the afternoon, and it was a great joy to join in the wedding celebrations.

Two beautiful couples: the bride and groom...

...and Tony & Yolanda at Ta Prohm (near Angkor Wat)







  1. i love your photos on this post and the story about the piglet that emerged under the table. How funny.

    I ate some Mahi-mahi fish today. my californian friends were shocked that we didn’t have that in the UK. I guess it must be a pacific thing. What kind of fruit do you get in Cambodia that we won’t have heard or tried?

  2. Fantastic šŸ™‚
    Love the photos of Angkor and Kep.
    Please give our congratulations to Laay šŸ™‚

    p.s. George tells me he is impressed with the frequency of your posts…keep them coming šŸ˜‰

  3. Wonderful photos and blog. A very Happy Birthday to Simon for the 15th Jan – enjoy. I hear you’ve lost a lot of weight – I’ll pray about that though you look healthy in these pics – thank you Lord.

  4. Me again with a PS. Have you resolved the van conundrum satisfactorily – 9 or 12 ? A x

  5. Hi Becci & Simon, I’m just going through Coventry on my way to Birmingham. Thinking of you! Love Tim

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