Posted by: Simon & Becci | December 11, 2011

A day in the life of a sofa

Me on the truck

“It started as a perfectly ordinary day. I was happily sat in the house in northern Phnom Penh where I had lived for several years when a strange English couple turned up with three Cambodian men and I found myself rudely hauled onto the back of lorry alongside my brother, a fridge freezer and some patio chairs. Not a very dignified way for a sofa of my pedigree to travel! As we drove away from my previous owner I realised I was yet another victim of the “house sale” craze that sweeps the city in December when families leaving Cambodia sell their unwanted belongings to new arrivals.

We made our way across the city, finally turning off onto a side street where the road got progressively worse. It looked like hundreds of broken bits of brick, stone and tile from the houses under construction had just been dumped into the middle of the road. I’ve since learned that my new owner got his first motorbike puncture on this road this week. Not really a surprise if you ask me.

Would you like to drive on this?

We pulled up outside of the house that is to be my new home. As I was lifted off the truck I saw two dead mice and a discarded old nappy just metres away from the front door – you can imagine what I thought to myself! I was placed onto the ground but instead of being lovingly and gently carried inside, I found a large rope being passed around my body. A shiver passed down my spine as I realised what was coming next…

My brother and I await our fate...

I suddenly felt a pull from above me and found myself being lifted from the ground! At this point I must have fainted as when I came to I was on the second floor balcony and being carried inside. 

Finally I was put down and was joined by my brother soon afterwards.

What should I expect from this strange new home I wondered to myself? As the afternoon wore on though things improved. The English couple seemed very pleased to see me and spent quite some time cleaning me, arranging my cushions and generally making a fuss of me. They also paid me many compliments about how comfortable I am. Maybe I’ll like my new home after all….”

My new home



  1. You’re mad. Hilariously bonkers. Funniest thing I’ve read all week 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to come and sit on you! Nearly there with the saving up!

  3. Sofa so good.

  4. That would make a very lovely children’s story…

  5. Glad your home now mr Sofa…say hi to Simon and Becci for us xxxxxxx Ali Mac

  6. I had exactly the same reaction as Mr J. Williams. We miss your sense of humour.

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