Posted by: Simon & Becci | November 8, 2011

Water festival

This week is the annual “Water Festival” in Phnom Penh which usually involves an influx of hundreds of thousands of people from the rural provinces to join in various celebrations to mark the end of the rainy season. Sadly because of the extensive flooding across the nation many of the festivities (including boat races and firework displays) have been cancelled this year in order to redirect the funds to helping people who have lost their homes and livelihoods.

We thought we would use the opportunity to hold our own Water Festival in Jubilee Family Church this week. This started with three people in the church being baptised on Sunday morning in an inflatable paddling pool outside the front of the church building. We enjoyed a wonderful morning celebrating God’s goodness, eating and playing games together.

Socheat gets a bit wet in the pool....

Later this week we have a couple of special prayer meetings and a special offering to help a church in Kampong Thom province where many families have been badly affected by the floods.

We’ve been joined at all of this by our first house guest. Andrew Simpkins, who leads Jubilee Church Coventry, has come out to visit us to see how we and the church are getting on. Its been lovely to have him here and he’s been a great encouragement to us. Andrew has adapted very quickly to the seven hour time difference, noise of incessant drilling next to our house and trekking around the city on the back of my motorbike. However, on one of these journeys he got a taste of the rainy season – those who liked the picture of me a few weeks ago will love this one:

...and so do Andrew and Simon on the bike

Next week we travel with Andrew to the Pacific Rim Leaders conference in Sydney, Australia where we’ll meet with the leaders of the other newfrontiers churches in our region. I used to travel down to Chelthenham from Coventry  to meet with other UK leaders (one hour in a car and 50 miles) so this is somewhat different (13 hours on a plane and 4500 miles).

Finally, thanks to many of you who voted and commented on the “What would you do?” blog. We’ll keep you posted with what we do. Amusing suggestions still welcomed (e.g. For Star Wars fans: Keep driving the van and if stopped by the police wave hand in front on them Jedi style saying “This is not the van you are looking for”….)



  1. if stopped try speaking German-always works with the telephone cold callers! (thats for the van/mini-bus, not the wet trouser!)

  2. The legend grows! Baptisms in a paddling pool! Looks great fun and the pictures of Simon and Andrew are worthy of a caption competition!
    Trust the conference in Sydney was a time of refreshing for you both. Seeing Andrew Thursday nite and look forward to hearing how it all went – ALL good I’m sure
    Life in Jubilee here is life in jubilee! Last time I looked up it was August! We had Prophetic Workshop part Deux in October you were greatly missed: The seeds you’ve sown in this and in people are bearing a lot of fruit now
    Look forward to future posts and more regular replies from us!!!
    Lots of love to you both, praying for you and Jubilee and Phnom
    Martyn & Judy & Beth sends her love too

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