Posted by: Simon & Becci | September 24, 2011

Singing in the rain

On our way home from church

As we approach the end of September, the rainy season here is reaching its peak. Over the past few days the temperature across the city has dropped to just 28 degrees celsius (Becci even nearly wore a jumper one day!) whilst we have also had a couple of days of drizzle. It made us feel at home! Most of the time though, when it rains it is more like a tropical storm so we thought we’d highlight a few of the challenges this brings.

1) Flooding – easily the most serious as lots of water equals lots of challenges for people across the city and the nation. Many of the houses in the rural provinces are built on stilts to deal with potential flood water. In Phnom Penh drainage systems are being put in place but the combination of torrential rain and lots of building work on flood plains means that roads and houses can end up under inches or even feet of water. On a few occasions we have had to drive our motorbike along roads where an inflatable dinghy would probably have been more useful.

Potholes on one of the main roads

2) Pot holes – I remember that Coventry City Council was once in “special measures” due to the quality of its roads and number of pot holes. Its safe to say that Phnom Penh would be in “very serious special measures” with new, crater-sized pot-holes appearing every day. Learning to dodge them on your motorbike is one of the essential skills for driving in the city if you want to avoid a Vicar of Dibley-esque moment.

How cool do we look?

3) Crimes of fashion – imagine 2 million people wearing thin bin bags in a variety of bright colours. You now have an idea of what happens in the city when the heavens open and people put on their raincoats. These rainbow coloured disposable coats are cheap, convenient, surprisingly effective but not for the image-conscious.

4) Embarrassing wet patches – sadly these coats don’t quite cover your whole body. I think the below picture says it all.


Oh dear



  1. I really enjoying reading your blog! I especially like your picture of travelling back from church 🙂 Praying for you both.

  2. This is definitely the funniest blog post so far!

  3. Been praying you will feel more and more at home, maybe getting wet is part of the answer? Looking forward to next weeks installement. Love you both lots and keep looking up.

  4. That last picture is hilarious! I’m not sure whether I would rather be wet and warm or just plain freezing (greetings from the fridge that is Starley House!) but you look like you’re having fun. Much love to you both.

  5. The last 2 photos are my favorites so far! Haha. You gotta get Andrew in one of the pink bin bags in a few weeks too. Love you guys!
    Chum reap lea!

  6. Simon, you looked lovely in your pink bin waterproof. I couldn’t get Esther to wear that while we were there!

  7. How cool do you both look in those raincoats. having fun on the bike? 🙂 miss you guys x

  8. How cool do you both look! 🙂 hope you’re enjoying the motorbikes. em

  9. Hey guys, loving the raincoats, if they do one in bright green then could you send it to me, it’ll go with my off-yellow plastic rain hat!! Sounds like you’ve both settled in really well. Catch up soon.

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