Posted by: Simon & Becci | August 19, 2011

Introducing Jubilee Family Church

The Jubilee Family Church building

On Sunday we celebrate a month since we arrived in Phnom Penh – how time flies! It actually feels like we’ve been here a lot longer than that – which hopefully is a good sign that we are adjusting to life here. The past couple of weeks have seen both of us spending far more of our time learning about and meeting people from the church here, so thought we’d use this blog entry to explain more about what we’re doing and why we are here!

Jubilee Family Church was started about 7 years ago by a wonderful couple from the UK (Steve and Midge Smith) who are now living in Coventry, having effectively “swapped” with us over the past couple of months. They bravely started out with just the two of them and their two sons, Samuel and Jordan, and gradually over time built relationships with people, saw people become Christians and thus the church grew.

Today, the church has around 30-40 people in it (so its still very small), the majority of whom are in their twenties. Steve and Midge had established a “core team” of seven Cambodians (three guys, four girls) who they had begun to delegate and entrust different responsibilities to. Fortunately for us all of the core team speak English! The church rents a house in the west of Phnom Penh where we meet on Sunday mornings to worship God and learn from the Bible. The building also acts as a hub for various other activities in the week.

Eating wonderful food with Tevy and Sopheary

We are part of a fanastic worldwide family of churches called newfrontiers and particularly receive support and oversight from Peter Brooks and his team at Grace City Church in Sydney, Australia. Peter oversees a number of churches in the Asia-Pacific region in Austalia, New Zealand, Japan, the Phillipines and of course, Cambodia. That means the accumulation of many air miles for him (this week alone he was in Japan, Australia and New Zealand!). Our prayer is that over the coming years the numbers of churches and nations would grow.

Our role here is to lead the church, and particularly to continue to raise up and train leaders so that the church will continue to be strong and well-led when we eventually leave. We’ll keep you updated on things going on in the church and introduce you to some of the people in it over the coming months.

Whilst Savath and Sothy are engaged in serious conversation, Simon, Phalley and Sithun are not...

Taking on the leadership of something is a weird experience. I’ve started having to make decisions on various things without really having a full understanding of the background so am constantly asking questions and saying “what do you think we should do?”.

Finally, I’ve included a couple of pictures of me with various people from the church as several people requested photos of my new haircut after my comment last week. Enjoy….



  1. For what reason are you wearing socks in the 2nd photo? is it not far too hot to be dealing with such accessories?

  2. Hi Simon and Becci! So good to hear you’re settling in well. We missed you both so much at Newday this year. It was very good though. Loving the new hair-do Simon – you look a lot younger in these pics than the post before. đŸ™‚ Hope you’re both finding time to rest as well as working hard. We miss you. Lots of love – the Harrisons xx

  3. Hello Simn & Becci, its good to hear you are enjoying yourselves and been keeping busy! I will be coming over in September and I am hopng to get together and catch up. I am arriving on the 2nd, but need to go to Kratie immidiately, we have an opening ceremony for our 4th waiting house and I am wondering if you would like to attend. The opening ceremoney is on the 9th of September, let me know by e-mail, looking forward to see you guys – Marcia xx
    PS, really pray that you can make it

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