Posted by: Simon & Becci | August 11, 2011

Three weeks in

We’ve now been here for three weeks and life is beginning to take on some pattern and shape. The day tends to start at 6am when we wake to the sound of drilling and banging from the houses under construction next door. Apparently there is still a minimum of 3 months of buiding work to go 😦 At least this is helping us adapt to the Cambodian lifestyle of early to bed, early to rise.

Becci driving her motorbike for the first time (through the building site at the front of our house)

During the day we are making lots of journeys across the city. There’s plenty of things to do for Jubilee Family Church as we begin to learn about the church, take on responsibility and build relationships. There have also been numerous trips to various shops as we continue to buy different items to help us get set up.

One of these shopping sprees saw us buy a motorbike for Becci. We were helped by our friends Savath and Sopheary, and the key to a successful purchase seems to be relationship and time. Savath knew the owner of the shop we visited so as we looked at different bikes were told things by the owner such as “don’t buy that bike, it is not good” (i.e. will break down) and “not that one either – it has bad paperwork” (i.e. fell off the back of a lorry). We ended up buying a nearly new bike that mysteriously appeared out of the back of the shop after 30 minutes, which was undoubtedly the best one on offer. Becci has spent the past few days learning to ride it and is gradually growing in confidence.

Simon at the pool (before all his hair was cut off)

We had an indulgent 24 hours to celebrate our third week here which included a trip to the new (first one!) cinema in Phnom Penh, a couple of hours at a lovely swimming pool at a hotel in the city centre and a trip to a beauty salon where we both had our haircut. It may not be very manly for me to admit the latter especially given that the haircut involved a hairwash, head and shoulder massage and very careful 45 minute haircut. Quite different from the 10 minute trip I’m used to at the barbers in Coventry. Maybe I’ll have the manicure next time too….




  1. Three weeks already!!! Wow!
    Presumably the haircut took so long because they were trying to find the few strands left ? 😉 (I know, pot/kettle/black!)
    Great to hear that you’re settling into things…kids (and us) continue to pray for you guys most nights.

  2. Some of this sounds the mirror image of what Midge and Steve are going through! ….building relationships; buying things inc. beds with ringworm, a matress with a hole in it (maybe they should have developed the relationship first!) & for Midge courage to drive through Cov. Interesting reading! I wonder what Simon’s hair looked like after the cut… no picture of that. Alison

  3. You two are so cool!!!!! Embrace your inner feminine side Simon and Becki-embrac that inner Rock Chic!! Are you sleeping ok with the noise and heat? Love to you both, Karen

  4. I know what it is like to have the builders start early next door – we had it for a solid 6 months last year and for a whole month it was 7 days a week! Poor you! However, it will come to an end and it sounds like you are having fun too. Marie x

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