Posted by: Simon & Becci | August 4, 2011

A first time for everything

After the challenges of our first week, the second has been much better! This week has flown by and we are now gradually beginning to adapt to life in Phnom Penh.   Its been a week of “firsts” so thought we’d share a few with you:

  • Becci drove the car for the first time (no mean feat since the car is a 12 seater van and driving it involves negotiating swarms of motorbikes coming at you from every conceivable direction)
  • Washing up by candlelight

    We experienced our first power cut. These apparently happen pretty regularly across the city and this one lasted about an hour. As it had just got dark we were grateful that we’d packed a few candles in our shipping boxes. Heat from the candles plus no fans or air conditionning meant that we were very happy when the electricity returned!

  • We received our first post. The church rents a PO Box address at the main post office in northern Phnom Penh (about a 25-30 minute) drive. We were very happy to find a few cards and gifts waiting for us. Sam (5) and Abigail (3) Saxton’s story and pictures of what they thought our first day in Cambodia might be like was particularly wonderful (Their idea that a naughty cheetah would knock over our dinner fortunately did not happen in reality).
  • We got an insight into the challenges of the rainy season for people living in the city for the first time. We are currently in the middle of the rainy season (lasts from May – October) and when it rains, it pours. On Sunday morning the heavens opened an hour before the church service, meaning that a number of people were unable to come as they were dealing with flood water in and around their houses. Not something that happens every day in Coventry.
  • Phnom Penh post office in the French quarter of town

    A nice one to finish….we discovered the first cockroach in our house as we opened our bedroom door a couple of days ago. He was dead or dying and we are hoping does not have lots of friends who are spending their nights exploring our house….



  1. I love Sam and Abigail’s imagination! It made me laugh… teehee. Thanks for sharing that with us.

    Sounds like you’re finding your feet and adventure is behind every door. I hate cockroaches, but I also heard that you shouldn’t stamp on them to kill them because all their eggs go everywhere. Is that true?

    I’ve been tracking the weather on my phone and it says, thunderstorms all week.

  2. So glad you guys are settling in. Will be praying for you both, especially where the cockroaches are concerned! May God grant you much grace.
    with love, Andy & Sue

  3. Hi Simon & Becci. Extremely interesting. Perhaps “Washing Up by Candle Light” might be the next theme of the “By Candle Light” series at Jubilee. 🙂 As for cockroaches, it seems to be one of those things that are sent specially by the devil to try and derail the King’s Kids on active service: George & Gill a few years ago, Sue & me in Ukraine in the 1990s, and now you in Cambodia. Perhaps one could combine the two and have a session of “Cockroaches by Candle Light”. Becci’s driving experience sounded so brave! Well done!

  4. Hi Guys, Me again. Love the news except the cockroach. This sounds like heaven compared to the life of a long trader trying to make money just now on the worlds stock markets! Great that our foundation is so secure. Psa 27 v1. Please say a very big Hi to all in your church. God bless, Andy

  5. Hey guys

    Saw your mum Simon at Winchester FC (not the excellent football club, the church) and caught up with her on some of your news. Just wanted to say we’re praying for you both that you’d really know Gods presence with you and sending you lots of love. I’m sure Nigel Adkins would also join me in sending his love too.

    God bless, Andy, Kate, izzy and toby.

  6. Glad you are both settling in.
    With much love
    Clive and Marie

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