Posted by: Simon & Becci | July 28, 2011

Our first week

Becci and our bags in the departure lounge at Heathrow

Greetings from Phnom Penh. We have now been here for a week so thought a blog update was well overdue.

We enjoyed a smooth journey here last week – it was very weird to board the plane and take off, knowing that it will probably be a year until we set foot in the UK again. After changing planes in Bangkok, we arrived at Phnom Penh airport last Thursday morning, and were greeted by several smiling faces from the church which made us feel so welcome.

The first (very rando m)Supper in our house - carrots, apples and boiled eggs



However, the next few days proved exceptionally challenging andย gut wrenching in more ways than one. The combined effects of jet lag, emotional upheaval (leaving all of your friends and family hurts – a lot!), physical exhaustion and the sudden onset for me (Simon) of rather extreme diarrhoea meant we were a bit of a mess. I did not sleep at all for 3 out of 6 nights, and very little on the others,with Becci often ending up awake with me. We were also very aware of the spiritual battle we are in as we come to serve Jesus in a nation where other powers are so clearly at work, and do not seem keen that we are here.

During this difficult time we have been so grateful for the love, prayers and support from people back at home, as well as from those in the church here who have been great.

Our bathroom (like the colour?) has been busy so far....

We now finally feel like we are beginning to adapt – I am mostly recovered from sickness, we managed to sleep through most of the night last night for the first time, and we even now have wifi in our house! Our shipping boxes have also arrived (3 days day-to-door!) so our house in slowly beginning to turn into a home.

I know this is a rather serious blog post (some crazy observational ones will return I promise) but we wanted to give you an insight into what this kind of upheaval feels like. We are absolutely confident that we are in the right place, know that God is with us and know that better days lie ahead. In the meantime we are reassured by the promise that His power is made perfect in weakness and that we can do all things through Him who gives us strength.



  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been getting to know your bathroom more than you’d hoped. Pray all illness would leave and that you would both feel settled and ready for the journey that lies ahead.

  2. Hi from Coventry! Thanks for being honest – have a hug from the other side of the world ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hey, not sure if this will work but thanks for the update. it must be very strange, especially at first but it sounds a though things are beginning to feel more like home day by day. Stay strong and keep the blogs coming ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  4. Lots of love from the Tweeddales! We’ll pray you don’t get sick again!! xx p.s. love the pink..

  5. Be sure we are praying for you both. With much love. Hugh and Sue

  6. Amen to that! we’ve been praying for you in our small groups. Oh, and hugs and hellos to Jubilee Church Cambodia…

  7. oh and liking the photo of the shocking pink bathroom ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. Thanks for the update guys, well done on getting through what sounds like a tough first week. You’re in our thought and prayers. Em

  9. Good to hear you are on the mend again and hopefully so is the minibus? Good you did your homework too and expected some of this stuff! Brings back a few memories I must say! Blessings to you both!

  10. Liz likes the pink bathroom, she’s very jealous!

    Whilst opposition is no surprise, I understand that we are to expect it, however I do not think we have to just put up with it, so we resist the enemy and know that he will flee – we also draw near to God and know that He will draw near to us. Hallelujah!!!

    More blessing coming your way as you recover and see light at the end of the tunnel – or toilet bowl!!

  11. Hi Becci and Simon, praying for your health and strength. Greater is he that is in you both…! much love xx Adam and Ali

  12. Good luck to you both. Thinking of you lots xxx

  13. Think I can understand a bit how you’ve been feeling. God will carry you through and His grace wiil enable you to cope with whatever may come. Praying for you. Lost of love xx

  14. Ooops, meant to say “lots of love”. However, do get lost in God’s love ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Hi Simon and Becci – a baptism of fire indeed! It can only get better from here. I found the verse I wanted – always in the last place you look – it was on my Kindle….” I want very much to see you, so I may impart to you some spiritual gift to strengthen you, that is, to be mutually encouraged by eachothers faith, both yours and mine.” Rom 1:11,12
    A thought to mull over – ‘Happiness is not a potato, to be planted in mould, and tilled with manure. Happiness is a glory shining far down upon us out of Heaven.’Charlotte Bronte. May God’s Glory shine on you in the midst of the mundane. Hugs
    Sandra x

  16. Hi, dear Simon and Becci. I believe God is giving you all the resilience you need, and He will add a good portion of joy to it quite soon. Although the darker forces of this universe are disgruntled at you being in Phnom Penh, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, heaven, the angels, etc. are well gruntled, and they are clearly in the majority. Lots of love. Hugh & Sue

  17. Hi sorry to hear you had a bit of a bug….it is not nice esp with homesickness…we know exactly what you feel like.
    Just to let you know we are back but all our cell card numbers have been mysteriously deleted and one card wont work so if you could txt us your number we will have contact. if there is anything you need just let us know. We will pop round sometime this week. Rachel S

  18. Hi Both, Wow – thanks for portraying the whole picture warts, or is that diarrhoea, and all – please do continue. What a first meal and the bathroom is sooo clean! It feels like real confirmation you guys are in the right place. Those lovely verses in the first half of Eph 3 come to mind this time 1 – 13. Much love, Andy

  19. Hi Both, Where has my comment I typed up yesterday gone – I thought I was OK with computers!!. Anyway wow guys thanks for portraying the whole picture warts and all, or should that be diarrhoea and all. No doubt confirmation you are in the right place. Eph 3 so lovely again, the first half. Lots of Love, Andy. PS The bathroom looks sooo clean

  20. Here is the official Newfrontiers August 2011 Prayer Diary !
    Day 17 – Cambodia
    Simon and Becky Brown have recently moved to Cambodia to support the work there.
    Prayer Points:

    For Simon and Becky to settle down well
    For continued relationship with and support from Jubilee Church Coventry

    An eldership team to emerge
    Continued breakthroughs in salvations, signs and wonders
    We are praying for you both as you adjust to your new life and trusting that you will know and experience that God’s grace is sufficient. Keep reminding yourselves of who God is and of what he has said and done.

    Lots of love from Paris,

    George and Gill

  21. Hi from Bill and Jayne, really appreciate the update, we are praying for you, as a family and in small group, hoping you’re both feeling better now and starting to adapt to life there, lots of love x

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