Posted by: Simon & Becci | June 20, 2011

One month to go

After the absence of a few weeks the blog is back and will be updated regularly from now onwards.

Its now exactly one month until our one way flight takes off from Heathrow so we have very much entered the final straight of our time in Coventry. A number of people have asked us about our timings and movements over the next month so here’s a quick summary:

Us with Simon's family in Paris last week

This week we start our packing in earnest. My Mum has come up to Coventry for a few days to help us with packing, cleaning and sorting out many weeds in our garden using her horticultural expertise. Next weekend (25-26th June) Becci’s parents arrive in the UK for a few weeks before they undertake their our international move – leaving Warsaw, Poland for Belgrade, Serbia. This means they will be able to join us at our goodbye party that Jubilee Church is organising next Sunday afternoon. Its apparently on the theme of “Ye Olde Fayre” including jousting on space hoppers….

As we move into July I will preach my farewell message at the church on Sunday 3rd July before we move out of our rented house in the following week. We then travel to Southampton for the weekend of 9-10th July to say goodbye to my family before moving along the south coast for the final newfrontiers “Together on a Mission” conference in Brighton.

The boxes we brought back for Steve & Midge last month

We return to Coventry on 16th July in time for our final Jubilee Sunday the next day – I’m sure it will be a day of many emotions so we’ll come prepared with plenty of Kleenex. We then have two days to tie up any loose ends before wheels up at 12.30pm on 20th July. We’ve been offered a fantastic deal on shipping our stuff so hopefully won’t have to take as much on the plane as we brought back for Steve & Midge on our return flight to the UK last month (see photo on the right).

Leaving somewhere you have been for 15 years is a very strange feeling – is still feels somewhat unreal as it was so easy to slot back into “normal” life when we returned from Cambodia 6 weeks ago. In the process of such upheaval it is wonderfully reassuring to know that our God never changes and that He is with us!




  1. Hey guys! Praying for you as enter the final straight.

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