Posted by: Simon & Becci | April 22, 2011

We’re here

Happy Good Friday! We’ve now been in Phnom Penh for a couple of days having landed on Wednesday afternoon. I’m sitting writing this on the sofa in the picture below with electric fans blowing air into my face in a somewhat vain attempt to cool me down – it is HOT here!

Our flights went smoothly and included an encouraging answer to prayer. We had 30kg of baggage each having booked with Emirates yet at the last minute it appeared that we might only be allowed to take 20kg each due to our connecting flight from Bangkok to Phnom Penh having different luggage allowance rules. After a fruitless hour on the phone with the Emirates call centre on Monday evening we prayed, turned up at the airport with our 30kg and managed to get it all through!

Becci and Midge chatting, Samuel on the laptop. Photo taken from window in our bedroom

We are staying with Steve and Midge Smith and their boys, Samuel and Jordan, who are proving wonderful hosts. We’ve already enjoyed a couple of excursions with them on the back of their scooters, weaving amid the crazy Phnom Penh traffic. This included spending a few hours today house-hunting. Whether a house has mosquito nets, air conditioning and no evidence of rat droppings have not been on my list of requirements before…. We saw four very varied houses today and will see more next week.

The impact of jet lag has yet to wear off so sadly I did not get to sleep until 5am and 6am on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. Becci has slept better but unfortunately is being woken up by me. The emotional impact of our move has also been hitting us – it’s all felt like a distant dream and now is suddenly a reality!

Having done a number of jobs since we arrived (applying for visas, getting a Cambodian sim card etc) we will have a more leisurely afternoon tomorrow including going swimming. We’re then looking forward to meeting our new church family on Sunday.



  1. Great to hear how you are doing. It is hot here too in Paris this week.

    Love from us

  2. Hi Simon and Becci,
    glad to hear you arrived ok. I am continually amazed and encouraged by the way God answers our prayers. I send you Easter greetings from nan and from me. I have tried to email your card – I hope you get it ok. I have read your blog to nan and she is is thrilled to hear all about it. she sounds better today, but still puffing! She has asked me to send you all her love and prayers.
    My reading last night from Spurgeon(!) was about Jesus at the right hand of God. “Christ at the right hand of God hath all power in heaven and in earth. Who shall fight against the people who have such power vested in their Captain.?” God bless you all and I will be holding you in my heart.
    S x

  3. Yippee! so glad to hear you arrived safely, have been thinking of you loads over the last few days.
    Simon poor you, not sleeping well. Tim always said that the 2nd and 3rd days were the worst for jet lag… hope you sleep well tonight! :o)

  4. Great to get your email.
    Tis very hot here too 26degs! No doubt real cool from your temps!
    Hmm have to buy some rat poison I can see–but really exciting looking around for new accommodation! I can imagine what you mean about the reality check–yes it is really happening that your new home will be this far off land! I was thinking about it myself in bed the other night and could sense the same impression of ‘wow’ and ‘what?’ Thankfully Father God is with us wherever we are.
    I will certainly be praying for some quality sleep for you both–no doubt time zones and hot nights contribute. All well here and about to start yet another BBQ. Hope this is not the only Summer we have!!!
    So this is my first experiment with BLOGS–so lets see if this note gets posted!!
    Hugs for all.

  5. Keep cool and carry on!
    Great to hear flights went well Praying for acclimatisation in every sense and the right house this week love to you all Martyn Judy n Beth sends her love too

  6. Glad to hear you’ve arrived safely! Have a blessed Easter guys 🙂

  7. Hi guys, we’re glad you arrived safely and hope you enjoyed your swim. We are praying for you that the Lord will direct your steps and decisions as your try and sort so many things out. Have a great trip. Much love, all the Bromleys.

  8. Happy Easter! So glad you arrived safely with all your luggage too! Will be praying for you to find the right house – it must be a very different event over there! Hope swimming was nice and refreshing for you. Can’t wait to hear more from your blog. God bless you abundantly in your obedience to Him. Don’t fry in the heat!
    Love from the Byrne tribe

  9. Glad to hear of your safe arrival. Happy Easter.
    Much love
    Jen and Rich x

  10. Chum riep sueh and Happy Easter! We take it Midge is Cambodian Rightmove?! Imagine Sunday was fun meeting up with old friends and meeting new ones. This end, we saw durian and longan in London on Saturday and it made us pray for you. Andrew thought the durian smelt ok 😉 Praying for the Browns and the Smiths as you adjust. Love to all. G, R, A, S, P x

  11. Great to hear about your big adventure (via Clare) – thanks Clare 🙂 Well done on the blog front – a first for me too participating in one (am sure there is a much more “on trend” way of saying that – will ask the kids!).

    Looking forward to hearing about all your experiences.


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